Your Spiritual Gift Questionnaire 

Click on Your Spiritual Gift Questionnaire above.  Next click open, wait for file to load.  Answer questions by entering the number, in the yellow box to the left, that best fits each question.  (see instructions)   After all questions have been answered, at the bottom of the sheet you will find a tab, Auto Score Sheet, click on this tab to see your results.


– Your response choices are as follows:

  5 – Highly characteristic of me.

  4 – Most of the time this would describe me.

  3 – Frequently characteristic of me (50% of the time).

  2 – Rarely characteristic of me.

  1 – Never a characteristic of me.

– Select the one you feel best describes you.

– DO NOT skip any questions.

– Do not ask others their opinion.

– Be sure to ask God’s direction before you begin.